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Considered an advantage


Competitive, based on seniority

Voima is looking for an entrepreneurial, competitive and analytical talent to join the Voima Markets unit as an associate. This position offers you an opportunity to grow into a financial-markets professional in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment. The ideal candidate is hungry to learn more and passionate about financial markets.

Position description

In this position, you will gain a 360-view into Voima’s business and your existing skills will be utilised and reinforced together with a steep learning curve into finance. If you have what it takes to succeed, you will have a chance to grow into a product owner within Voima Markets taking ownership over trading or hedging strategies, market integrations, fixed income or FX, automated reporting or some other core function of Voima Markets.

After you have understood Voima’s whole business model and Voima’s role in the global financial markets, you will be assigned a branch of the Voima Markets unit based on your skills and interests. Gradually, you will take on more responsibilities and start developing the branch more autonomously—together with the support of the whole organisation.

The goal is that you will grow into a true product owner within Voima Markets, gaining full responsibility over a certain aspect of the business. Becoming a product owner at Voima takes talent and will not happen overnight, but if you have what it takes, we will support your growth to become one.

Together with Voima’s mission, this position offers a true sense of meaning for the ones who can grasp it.

Is this you?


We are looking for a person who is eager to play their part in Voima’s mission, which is to create the safest bank by leading the change to gold-based financial services. When a job needs to be done, you want to get it done, even if it meant longer hours. You enjoy challenges, you are not afraid to fail and you understand that in order to succeed you must never give up.

Work environment

Voima Markets is responsible for Voima’s access to market and liquidity for precious metals, foreing exchange and credit as well as facilitating transactions on these markets. Also, refinery and trading partner relations, trading and hedging strategies as well as finance-related product development are managed by the unit. As a part of Voima Markets’ strategy, the unit is looking to hire both young and enthusiastic finance-oriented people as well as experienced finance professionals—what they must have in common is a hard-working mentality and hunger to learn more.


Skill and abilities


Experience in coding languages and Excel is considered an advantage.

As a Voima employee, you

Voima Markets is looking for a hard-working talent with the ability to take ownership.

Join in our efforts!

How to apply?

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Please send us your cover letter in English or Finnish, describing your motivation to apply for Voima. The letter can be sent to:

Please attach your CV and other relevant documents (like references or a portfolio) to the message.

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