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Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮




English 🇬🇧 or Finnish 🇫🇮


Engineering experience in industrial production processes related to metals and/or precious metals minting

First-hand experience or a degree in process engineering or equivalent is seen as positive

Experience in refining processes and technology is also regarded as a plus



Voima is looking for a production manager to lead Voima’s aspirations towards high-end scalable precious metals production. Production processes can include casting, minting as well as unconventional forms of industrial metals production. As a candidate, you have experience of industrial production processes and machinery. You enjoy technical engineering as well as hands-on working with industrial machinery and developing processes. You also enjoy challenges, building new things and striving for perfection.

The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

- Vince Lombardi

Position description

Voima is developing an independent gold-based ecosystem. This includes the vaulting, trading, refining and production of gold. In this position, you get a unique chance to develop scalable industrial manufacturing techniques and machines for precious metals production. You will also get to participate in developing unconventional use cases and production techniques for gold, which can significantly differ from traditional techniques such as minting or casting.

You will be responsible for developing all forms of gold production at Voima, be it casting, minting or other forms of production. You will start from piloting small-scale half-DIY solutions and proceeding from there to build highly efficient industrial-scale production technology. You will be responsible for acquiring, building and modifying the production machinery based on Voima’s needs. As the first step, you, together with the refining operations, will be responsible for building a modular refining-and-production line for hybrid industrial-office spaces. The idea is to make these solutions replicable, so that they would be equally feasible in Finland as in New York, for instance.

Voima’s whole organisation will provide you with support, and you are to operate under the Voima Miners unit, which is responsible for Voima’s gold supply. You will also be supported by Voima’s designers in your efforts to create innovative items from precious metals and industry shaping manufacturing techniques. You will be working with one of Voima’s most dexterous and skilled employees, Indrek, who is the closest thing to MacGyver on this planet.


You are eager to play your part in Voima’s mission, which is to create the safest bank by leading the change to gold-based financial services.

You have a creative but practical approach to challenges and a designer’s mindset towards engineering solutions. You enjoy coming up with unconventional solutions and combining engineering solutions in new ways, but you can also be pragmatic, when necessary, in order to get the job done. You also enjoy spending time building, fixing and modifying industrial machines of all sorts.

You have a lot of new ideas and drive to make things happen.

Work environment

Founded in 2019, Voima Miners is an innovative and solution-driven unit supported by Voima’s other business units. Voima Miners controls over half of the Finnish recycled gold market and has proudly engineered one of the world's most efficient precious metals analysis processes.


Skills and abilities


As a Voima employee, you

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