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English 🇬🇧 or Finnish 🇫🇮


Experience in precious metals refining and metallurgy

First-hand experience or a degree in metallurgy or equivalent is seen as positive

Experience in production processes and technology is also regarded as a plus



Voima is looking for a refining manager to build Voima’s cutting-edge precious metals refinery. As a candidate, you have some experience in basic industrial precious metals refining processes. You are able to think outside of the box and you understand the fundamental processes that take place in gold refining. You enjoy building and developing processes and overcoming challenges. In this position, you will be in charge of building a precious metals refinery from scratch and overseeing/operating refining operations once the refinery is operational.

The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.

- Leo Tolstoy

Position description

Voima is developing an independent gold-based ecosystem. This includes vaulting, trade, refining and production of gold. As a part of Voima’s business-continuity requirements, Voima needs to ensure operations even in the most extreme operative environments. Therefore, Voima needs to have scalable refining capabilities. In this position, you will be responsible for piloting, building and scaling Voima’s refining facilities.

You will be responsible for gradually building a scalable and flexible refinery from scratch. Your first project will include building a small-scale pilot of a scalable refining facility, capable of refining four-nines gold and silver and recovering PGMs. The position consists of both research and development, which in this case focuses on machinery purchases, installation, machinery modification and development as well as process development. As the first step, you, together with the production operations, will be responsible for building a modular refining-and-production line for hybrid industrial-office spaces. The idea is to make these solutions replicable, so that they would be equally feasible in Finland as in New York, for instance.

You will be supported by Voima’s whole organisation, and you will be operating under the Voima Miners unit, which is responsible for Voima’s gold supply—consisting of precious metals material ranging from investment grade gold to mining doré and recycling gold.


You are eager to play your part in Voima’s mission, which is to create the safest bank by leading the change to gold-based financial services.

You have a practical and an entrepreneurial can-do attitude, and you enjoy working with industrial machines and processes. You are into chemistry and like working with metals. You are not afraid to experiment and fail but rather you’re eager to learn new things all the time. You are able to use available resources efficiently and creatively.

You have a lot of new ideas and drive to make things happen.

Work environment

Founded in 2019, Voima Miners is an innovative and solution-driven unit supported by Voima’s other business units. Voima Miners controls over half of the Finnish recycled gold market and has proudly engineered one of the world's most efficient precious metals analysis processes.


Skills and abilities


As a Voima employee, you

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