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Voima Gold is proud to add Tapani Järvinen and Aleksi Pursiainen to its advisory board

Posted by Marko Viinikka on Oct 1, 2018 5:23:53 PM

Voima Gold appoints two experienced advisors.

Mr. Tapani Jarvinen is ex CEO & General Manager of copper mine, Compañia Minera Zaldivar (Chile in 1994-2000) and has held many leading position in global companies like Outokumpu, Outotec and Dragon Mining.  His industry expertise and international network bring with it breadth and access for Voima to participate in global markets. 

At present, we source all of our gold through Switzerland, but we believe that in the future we will be able to leverage Finland’s local gold production directly.


Mr. Aleksi Pursiainen's wealth of cross-border trade compliance experience and knowledge will help Voima to navigate the complex chain of supply and consumer rules and regulations. Currently, Voima is focused on domestic expansion in Finland through its OTC service. However, its digital offering will soon be available throughout the EU and beyond.


Finland is at the heart of our strategy as a geopolitically safe place for our vaulting services with an additional bonus of being the largest gold producing country inside the EU. Our mission is to simplify and modernize the gold market place. It will be delivered through innovations like our fully digital OTC service.


For additional information:

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