Gold Purity

The purity of the gold held in Voima Accounts equals 999.9 parts per thousand. We cast our own Voima gold bars at London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) refinery partners. Our bars meet the requirements set by the European Union in terms of purity, markings and shape. Twice a year random checks are conducted in our vault, by independent laboratory Eurofins Labtium, to reaffirm the gold is 999.9 pure.

Eurofins Labtium Report

Withdraw Gold

Gold stored in a Voima Account can be withdrawn at any time in 100 gram and 1 kilogram bars. The costs are €20 per bar. Currently, we only ship gold within Finland.

Chain of Integrity

Voima has its own chain of integrity to be certain that we operate securely and all gold in our custody is 99.99% pure. This chain is a closed system that consists of our vault, the vaults of our LBMA refinery partners, and our security logistics partners. When gold is withdrawn from Voima’s chain of integrity, it cannot re-enter before it’s tested for purity and weight.

Voima Ecosystem

Voima aims to source as much as possible from Nordic recycled gold. For example, gold coins, ornaments, jewelry, or other gold items. In 2019, over 25% of all gold sold by Voima originated from Finnish recycled gold.

If you wish to sell gold to us, or deposit gold in your Voima Account, it will be tested for purity and weight at our headquarters in Helsinki. Gold entering our vault, and bars being withdrawn from the vault, are the entrances and exits into and out of the Voima chain of integrity.

Our chain of integrity, together with the chain entrances and exits comprises the Voima ecosystem. A vibrant system that ensures liquidity and safety for our clients.

Voima Miners

Voima's sourcing division buys gold from recycling gold brokers and smelters. These gold suppliers are called Voima Miners.

If you wish to become a Voima Miner, or if you have any questions, please send us an email at

Responsible Gold Sourcing

Voima follows principles and rules for responsible gold sourcing. The majority of Voima's gold is sourced through LBMA refinery partners, which not only meet but exceed conflict minerals regulations. For sourcing recycled gold, Voima has strict anti-money laundering procedures in place.

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