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Managing gold
on your Voima Account Buying gold via bank transfer


On this page, you will find the instructions on how to exchange euros directly for gold by making a bank transfer into your gold account.

These instructions will show you how you can access the information needed to make the transfer.

Voima only accepts your transfers from bank accounts that have been opened in your name. If you want to use a shared bank account, please read the instructions for this.

The steps

  1. Log into your Voima Account and select “Gold account”.
  2. Image: The menu displayed on your Voima Account. The menu has the following options: summary, gold account, currency account and transactions.
  3. Select “Buy gold”.
  4. Image: The menu that shows you the following options: buy gold, sell gold, deposit gold or withdraw gold.
  5. Select “Bank transfer”.
  6. Image: The menu that pops up after you have selected 'buy gold'. The options are 'currency account' and 'bank transfer'.
  7. Go to the section entitled “BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION”. Here you will find the necessary information needed to make the bank transfer.

    Image: The bank account details needed to make the transfer: recipient, account number, swift/bic and reference.

    Please note that the account and reference numbers here are different from the ones you need to make a euro deposit into your currency account.

  8. Now you have the information needed to make a bank transfer to your gold account. Log into your bank account and transfer the amount of your choice.

Done! After the transfer is received, Voima will exchange it for gold at the then-current rate.


The other way to buy gold with Voima Account is first to make a euro deposit into your currency account and then exchange the euros for gold when you want. Once you have topped up your currency account, this option allows you to buy gold faster.