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It is more than gold fever­ Message from Robin


I personally believe that the purpose of business is not to profit by creating problems but rather to create profitable solutions to the problems faced by the people and the planet.

That being said, I would like to start by underlining that Voima is not simply about gold fever: the mission of the company is not to sell gold for its own sake. It is to offer a solution to the weaknesses of the current financial system built around fiat currencies. Gold is just the best means to be used, due to its unique elemental properties and its unbeatable track record in the monetary system.

Since the financial system centers solely around trust, companies have to prove their trustworthiness to better deliver their solutions—and this is where VerifiedValue™ comes in. VerifiedValue™ is the guiding concept with which Voima strives to showcase its overall value for each and every stakeholder of the company. The concept is grounded on the precepts of transparency and verification: the former governs all communication about Voima's business, and the latter is arranged both externally and internally to account for the quality and integrity of the business.

These efforts are in turn compiled in the VerifiedValue™—Proof of Work document. With this, we want to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the company, disclose all the conducted validations of our business and present our efforts and corporate responsibility (ESG) in an open and honest manner.

However, one thing is clear: the decision is ultimately yours. I am sure that VerifiedValue™—Proof of Work will assist you by laying out all the needed information about Voima and Voima Account.

Thank you,


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Robin Kipfer

Head of ESG and VerifiedValue


+358 (0)40 320 6579

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