February 25, 2020

Former Bank of Finland Head of Department Joins Voima Gold as Advisor

In October 2019, Pentti Pikkarainen, former Bank of Finland economist, joined Voima Gold as a new advisor.

Pentti Pikkarainen is a professor of practice at the business school of the University of Oulu in Finland. He has worked at the Bank of Finland as an economist and head of several departments.

“In 2001-10 at the Bank of Finland, I was responsible for the banking operations and asset management, including gold. As a monetary economist, I would like to emphasize the role of gold as the ultimate anchor of the monetary system,” says Pikkarainen.

Earlier, he was head of the financial markets department at the Ministry of Finance in Finland. He has a master’s degree from the University of Helsinki and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles.

“We’re excited that Pentti Pikkarainen is joining us,” said Voima Gold’s CEO Marko Viinikka. “With his tremendous experience and expertise, Pentti is an excellent addition to Voima’s brain trust.“

Voima Gold helps people keep their purchasing power by selling and storing gold in safe accounts that are not only fully insured but also audited quarterly.

Marko adds: “It means a lot to us that someone of Pikkarainen’s intellectual weight and caliber recognizes the validity of our vision, and wants to help us realize it.”

Pikkarainen joins Voima Gold’s growing team of advisors; Tapani Järvinen and Aleksi Pursiainen both joined in October 2018.

Tapani Järvinen is the former President of Outokumpu Copper; CEO and General Manager of copper mine Compañia Minera Zaldivar; and, President and CEO of Outotec.

“I hope can open some doors for Voima around the world,” says Järvinen. “Personally, it’s interesting to see gold’s potential as an investment for the normal person. It will be even more interesting to see gold returning as money.”

He has also had numerous leading positions in global businesses such as Dragon Mining, Konecranes, and Talvivaara Mining Company. Järvinen’s extensive background, expertise, and worldwide network will help Voima Gold to participate in global markets.

Aleksi Pursiainen is the CEO of Solid Plan Consulting, Finland’s leading export control and sanctions consultancy. Before that, Pursiainen was Head of Trade Compliance for Nokia and the lead sanctions counsel at the Legal Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

“I’m very excited about the chance to advise this impressive team of professionals,” says Pursiainen. “And supporting them in making Voima a global leader, not only in gold but in corporate responsibility and compliance as well.”

Pursiainen’s vast experience and in-depth knowledge of global trade compliance will help Voima to navigate the treacherous sea of supply chains, consumer rules, and regulations.

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