June 30, 2020

Niko Palonen Joins Voima as Vice President of Sales

Voima is proud to announce that Niko Palonen has joined our team. At Voima, Niko will be leading sales for primarily institutional clients.

Voima is proud to announce that Niko Palonen, an experienced professional in finance and sales, has joined our team. At Voima, Niko will be leading sales for primarily institutional clients.

Niko has almost 20 years of work experience in finance and sales. For instance, he previously worked as CEO and partner of Aurejärvi Wealth Management Ltd. In February 2020 after Aurejärvi Wealth Management was sold, Niko started working for eQ Asset Management Ltd. Niko has also worked as an Investment Broker and Senior Financial Advisor, successfully increasing the value of his clients’ assets throughout his career. To support his career, Niko has a degree in Human Resource Management and he has also studied finance in his hometown, Helsinki.

Niko’s vast experience in sales and finance will bring valuable expertise and knowledge to Voima and our clients. Niko will help Voima to find new clients and achieve more visibility globally.

Niko was one of the first shareholders of Voima and after a couple of years of following Voima’s business and the financial world, he decided to join Voima as well. “I joined Voima because the gold market is still very young and I see limitless opportunities in Voima’s business. A wise investor knows that now is the right time to buy gold.”

At Voima Niko is expecting to increase Voima’s sales and focus on helping clients to preserve and increase the value of their assets without need for speculation.

Apart from being interested in the finance world, Niko enjoys spending time with his family and playing padel in a competitive level.

We are very excited to have Niko with us and we hope that together we can make Voima even better.

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