May 27, 2019

Voima Gold Bars

Voima’s gold bars are set to meet the internationally highest quality and safety standards. The gold bars are refined at the Metalor refinery in Switzerland and thus meet the international four nine standards set by the London Bullion Market Association or LBMA. In this article, I will explain the marking on our gold bars.

Above is an image of Voima’s one-kilo gold bar. The 100-gram gold bars have the same markings in a smaller size. All of Voima’s gold bars have the ‘VOIMA’ text in the top corner and Voima’s trademarked lion logo from which the bars are recognized as Voima’s gold bars. The one-kilo gold bars are 117x53x9 millimeters, and the 100-gram bars are 45x25x5 millimeters in diameter.

A000004 is the bar’s serial number from which the bar is individually identifiable.

1kg is the weight of the bar. As mandated by the LBMA, each one-kilo gold bar has to have at least 1000 grams of pure gold within. Respectively the 100-gram gold bars have at least 100 grams of pure gold within. Meaning both bars are always slightly heavier than what reads on the bar.

999,9 fine gold is the purity of the gold bar, which at Voima Gold is always at least 999.9 per mille or 99.99 percent of pure gold.

HAG 2:8 is a reference to the ancient book of Haggai, which refers to the fact that gold as an element is as old as our planet. Gold is eternal. It cannot be supplemented or destroyed. The origins of gold are solid.

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