August 28, 2020

Voima to Participate in Mastercard Lighthouse Program

Voima looks forward to gain new key partnerships by participating in the autumn 2020 session of Mastercard Lighthouse Program.

Voima’s primary cause is to keep our Customers’ money safe and sound. Even so, since money is not simply meant to be sequestered away for all eternity, we are working on offering trusted and efficient means for our Customers to use their well-protected savings in daily life. In other words, we aim to provide payment services at a future date.

The provision of payment services is a big step ahead, and thus it requires thorough preparation. All kinds of matters need to be properly attended to, such as authorisation and technological requirements.

But most of all, we require more key partnerships—and recently, we have taken an important step forward in achieving this goal.  

Mastercard and NFT Ventures have selected Voima among 90 candidates as one of the participants in the autumn 2020 session of the Lighthouse Program—an acclaimed initiative intended to bring together both budding fintech promises and experienced firms/institutions for lasting partnerships. Notwithstanding the Program’s emphasis on startups, only “companies with established proof of concept and market fit” are elected.

Accordingly, Voima is honoured for the recognition. While we will continue to steer our own path with accustomed determination, we also welcome this opportunity to take the high road for mutual advantage. With that in mind, we are looking forward to both receiving and sharing insight, support and experience.  

The Lighthouse Program is held biannually in separate sessions, and one session comprises different workshops with on-going support from various experts. The entire set of participants will also be included in the Lighthouse alumni network after the Program has come to a close.

Voima’s CEO, Marko Viinikka, finds the Program a favourable window of opportunity:

“It is of course a pleasure to get to participate in this particular field. It has been mostly uncharted by us up until now, since we have channelled the bulk of our resources on setting up our physical backbone, such as the vault, security and IT operations.

As part of Voima’s vision, we are planning to expand our operations to the provision of payment services, and good partnerships are definitely needed for such activities. This is something for which the Program might provide great opportunities—it can help Voima direct our course towards our intended spheres of activity: banking and payment services.”

The Lighthouse participants announcement can be found here: https://mclighthouse.com/mastercard-lighthouse-programs-fall-edition-of-2020/

More information on the Lighthouse Program can be found here:


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