June 17, 2020

We Are Updating our Bank Transfer Details

We have updated our bank transfer details and started to use TransferWise, an international money transfer service.

We have updated our bank transfer details

We have started to use TransferWise, an international money transfer service. Because of this new collaboration our bank transfer details have changed and we kindly ask you to use the new bank transfer details that can be found in your Voima Account from this day onwards.

TransferWise is a fast-growing fintech company that enables the development of our product. Thanks to the TransferWise collaboration, we will be able to automate currency deposits and withdrawals in the near future. This means that the Voima Account is even faster and better.

TransferWise is a member of the SEPA Instant system which enables almost instantaneous wire transfers across borders in Europe 24/7. Banks from all parts of the EU have participated in the SEPA Instant network. The SEPA Instant has currently transaction limit of 15.000 EUR which will be raised to 100.000 in July 2020. TransferWise also provides faster and cheaper wire transfers across the globe meaning that transffering funds to your Voima Account is now faster than ever.

Wire transfers to your Voima Account are not instantaneous, yet. We are however currently working on automation which will speed up deposits to your Voima Account.

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