The Voima app

With our Voima app, your physical gold is virtually at your fingertips.


Buy and Sell

Buy and sell physical gold from the comfort and safety of your home—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Save and Store

Besides storing your physical gold in our vault, the Voima app also tracks your transactions.


Look and See

The Voima app dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your account balance. It’s all there at a glance.

Voima Storage

Your Gold Is Safe and Secure

We store your physical gold in our very own high-security vault. Liberty Mutual insures your gold and PwC ensures our vault. So you can sleep tight, knowing that your gold is safe and secure.


Nordic Trust and Honesty

As a Finnish vault operator, we work in one of the world’s safest, most honest, law-abiding and trusting countries. By operating in such a stable society, Voima is one of the best places in the world to store your gold.

Voima Gold

Fineness and Integrity

When it comes to the fineness, integrity and safety of your physical gold, we don’t rely on third-party vendors. We only sell 999.9 pure gold. We know because we source, process and verify it ourselves. And we know exactly where your gold is because we tuck it away in our very own high-security vault.

We Make It Safe and Easy to Buy and Store Physical Gold