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Sponsored by Voima


Logo: Pelicans

Pelicans is a Finnish ice-hockey team from Lahti, whose roots reach all the way back to the year 1891. This was the year when Viipurin Reipas was founded, and after several name changes, the team settled with “Pelicans” in 1996—a name no doubt familiar to all Finnish ice-hockey fans.

Today, Pelicans is a determined and confident team, who have shown great respect for their homestead by including many local talents in their line-up. The main owner of Pelicans has a strong vision for the group, and they have the unyielding support of the entire city of Lahti behind them. It is a great pleasure for Voima to be standing in the ranks of Pelicans supporters.

The team comments the partnership as follows:

'Voima is an awesome addition to our partner network by creating value and dignity both for Pelicans and for Pelicans’ consumers and partners. Through this partnership, we wish to pass on Voima’s unique idea also to our own customer base.'

Pelicans' website (in Finnish)


Logo: HPM

Founded in 1935, Helsingin Paini-Miehet is the biggest wrestling club in Finland. The club upholds Finnish sport traditions by having its members compete in different wrestling events from representative wrestling to Finnish championships. HPM also offers different wrestling opportunities for all age groups, from toddlers to greybeards. The club has hauled an impressive number of medals—over 470—from different tournaments, and they also organise various events, such as the annual Finnish wrestling championship tournament: Beach Wrestling SM.

For Voima, it is important to be able to support a club who for almost a century has scored many triumphs on the mat, and has enabled people to improve their motor skills and mental endurance.

HPM's website (in Finnish)


Logo: KPL

Kouvolan Pallonlyöjät is a sports club dedicated to Finnish baseball, pesis. KPL was founded in 1931, and they are renowned for hard work and good sporting spirit—characteristics that have stood them in good stead both in terms of victories and organising activities. The club has many committed professionals, who are determined to keep KPL in the top tier.

KPL and Voima share plenty of things together: both have undeniable experience, formidable expertise and strong supporters. All in all, it’s a great honour for Voima to get to support the national sport of Finland.

KPL's website (in Finnish)