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Nothing left to chance

As a financial services institution, Voima operates in a business of trust. Now, Voima believes that trust is not something that is gained automatically—but rather something you have to constantly strive for.

The VerifiedValue™ concept has been designed to shed light on all the efforts Voima has and will apply to earn the trust of its stakeholders. The concept discloses every aspect of Voima’s business, ESG considerations and verifications in a fully transparent manner.

Voima Account

Proof of gold reserves

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) performs independent rolling audits to Voima’s vault and Voima's accounting system. This confirms Voima’s promise to back Customer assets fully with physical gold.

Download the latest PwC Calculation Report (PDF)

Proof of gold quality

ALS Inspection UK Ltd. assays the purity of the gold stored in Voima’s vault, assuring the Customers that the gold is not counterfeit or impure.

Download the latest inspection report (PDF)

Proof of Customer asset segregation

Hill Audit verifies that the Customer assets are segregated from Voima’s balance sheet and that Voima only stores and manages them. This ensures the Customers that their assets are safe—even in case of Voima’s potential bankruptcy.

Download the latest Hill Audit Verification Report (PDF)


Information technology security

By focusing on using the latest technology and developing its own information security layers, Voima has successfully processed over 10,000 online transactions in a safe and efficient manner. No information security breaches have been detected so far.

Physical security

Ensuring the safety of the Customers’ savings and the people involved in the processes is paramount. Therefore, Voima has established a powerful combination of both passive as well as active security measures, and accords with the highest safety standards all round. The strategic choice of storing the Customers’ gold in Finland—one of the safest nations in the world—further enhances the safety of Voima's operations.


Voima has taken significant measures to ensure that the gold holdings are insured at all times by third-party insurance providers.

Download the latest Liberty Mutual Insurance Certificate (PDF)


Voima does not only verify the resources that rest on the Voima Accounts but also carefully monitors the flow of incoming and outgoing assets.

Gold origins

Voima monitors the origin of every milligram of gold to assure its Customers that the gold they own is ethically sourced and not stained by criminal activities.

Voima's gold supply in 2020

Voima's total supply in 2020 was 384.74 kg, of which Voima Miners comprised 40.8%, other Customers 15.3%, trading partners 25.4% and refinery partners 18.5%.

Voima’s gold supply is divided into two categories:

Customer origins

Voima also performs thorough verifications in order to ensure that its services cannot be used by persons or entities engaged in suspicious activities. These procedures include:

Verifying Customer identity is of the highest importance, since after the verification, it will be the key to the Customer’s Voima Account. The identity secures both present and future access to the assets.

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