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VerifiedValue™ by Voima

Nothing left to chance

Within Voima’s ecosystem, nothing should or has been left to chance. No stone has been left unturned in minimising possible counterparty risks. Furthermore, it is in the interest of all stakeholders to ensure and preserve the integrity and soundness of Voima’s ecosystem at all times.

Voima Account

Proof of reserves

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) performs an independent three-month rolling audit to Voima’s Helsinki vault and the Voima's accounting system. This enables Voima’s Customers to make sure that Voima fulfills its promises to back assets fully with physical gold.

During the auditing process, PwC’s auditors:

Download the latest PwC Calculation Report (pdf)

Proof of gold quality

Eurofins Labtium assays the purity of the gold stored in Voima’s vault, ensuring the Customers that the gold is not counterfeit or impure.

During the purity test, Eurofins Labtium representatives:

Download the latest Eurofins Labtium Test Report (pdf)

Proof of economic value

Voima measures how much purchasing power its Customers have saved through Voima Account in comparison with traditional bank accounts. The analysis takes into consideration the consumer price index, the gold held in Voima Accounts, Voima’s fees and the market price of gold.

Since the company's founding in July 2017, Voima's Customers have been able to save €2,561,747.67 (30 September 2020) through Voima Account.

Proof of security

Information technology security

Voima has successfully processed over 10,000 transactions in a safe and efficient manner.

Voima has taken several measures to limit cybersecurity risks, maximise data protection and ensure Customer privacy. These include:

Physical security

Ensuring the safety of the Customers’ savings and the people involved in the processes is paramount. Therefore, Voima has established and accords with the highest safety standards all round. Voima has a powerful combination of both passive and active measures, such as multi-layered operational controls and around-the-clock monitoring. However, Voima cannot explicate all of its safety measures for security reasons.

Nordic trust

The strategic choice of storing the Customers’ gold in Finland— one of the safest nations in the world —further enhances the safety of Voima's operations:


Origins verified

Gold origins

To assure the Customers that the gold they own is ethically sourced and not stained by criminal activities, Voima verifies the origin of every milligram of gold.

Voima’s gold supply can be divided into two categories:

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