Voima Account

The Voima Account uniquely integrates physical gold into the digital world.  

With a Voima Account, exchange of currencies into and out of gold is simple, swift, and efficient.  

Through our app and online platform you can buy, sell and store gold, per gram, 24/7.

Fully Secured Gold

Layers of physical and internal security guarantee that your gold is safe and secure.


You are the wholly owner of the gold in your Voima Account. ​To minimize counterparty risk, we store your gold in our own vault, which adheres to the highest security standards. The gold in our vault is audited every three months by PwC, and is fully insured by Liberty Specialty Markets.  

100 % Backing

We safely store 100% of the gold in your Voima Account. Voima does not lend your gold to anyone, like banks lend your money. Next to buying, storing, or selling gold through a Voima Account, you can choose to withdraw gold. ​Gold can be withdrawn in bars of 100 gram and 1 kilogram.  

Long Term Stability

Gold has retained its value throughout history. While in the short term the gold price can be volatile, in the long-term gold’s purchasing power has remained stable, and since 1971 it has increased. On top of preserving the purchasing power of your savings you can profit over time.

Nordic Trust

Safety is our number one priority. We store the gold in Finland, which is one of the safest nations in the world.

Here are a few reasons why clients from 30 different countries store gold with us in Finland:

Finland has the least organized crime in the world.
Finland is considered the most stable country in the world.
Finland’s police and internal security as a whole are the second best in the world.
Finnish banks are the soundest in the world.

Make Your Physical Gold Storing Safe and Easy

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You can also create a Voima Account for your company or non-profit organization.

​After a personal Voima Account has been created, you can submit for an Organization Account. ​Our back-office will verify it as soon as possible. For assistance or more information please send us an email at contact@voimagold.com.

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