We care

Our responsibility

Voima's business rests on the belief that doing the right thing matters—it matters for our Customers, for us and for the next generations. By joining profit with purpose, we ensure that our entire operations are steadily set towards a more sustainable future.

So instead of being a mere bolt-on, impact is embedded in everything we do. In order to optimise and keep track of our footprint, we have set our own criteria for both our operations and stakeholders.

Our principles

We swear by four core principles that guide our efforts and keep our integrity intact.

Sincerity shines through

At Voima, we believe that doing the right thing matters. We apply the Golden Rule of treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves. This means being sincere, transparent and reliable through and through.

Grounded in eternity

We cannot create nor destroy gold, and for us true innovation emerges from solid foundations. We find it exciting to create solutions both groundbreaking and long-lasting.

Deliver through unity

With the support of each member, our unit remains stalwart and is bound to achieve outstanding results. Conversely, our unity keeps our ties strong, ensuring that no one is left by the wayside.

People matter, generations count

Voima originated from concerns about people’s wellbeing. Our point of departure is not to build only for today but for the generations to come. We believe that caring for each other and shaping a better future go hand in hand.

Our performance

Carbon footprint and circularity

Through such initiatives as our recycled gold sourcing process, we constantly strive to be environmentally sustainable and efficient on resources, reduce our emissions, and move towards a fully circular model. In the first three quarters of 2020, this enabled us to save more than 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions.

Energy management

We work to increase energy efficiency at all times in our facilities and operations. In the first three quarters of 2020, Voima’s total electricity consumption reached 66,535 kWh. Since the processed transactions during that period were approximately 10,000, this means that in 2020 a Voima transaction is around 110 times more energy efficient than a bitcoin transaction.

Employee engagement

We acknowledge that the quality of our services can only be as good as the quality of our people. For us, recruiting the right talents means hiring people who thrive in a similar culture and demonstrate strong commitment towards Voima’s core principles, regardless of role.

Our current team has very diverse educational backgrounds and professional experience from over 10 countries. And most importantly, we are all highly engaged and motivated to build a fairer and more sustainable financial system for us and for generations to come.

Systemic and counterparty risk management

As a company operating in the financial industry, it is our core duty to minimise counterparty risks and maximise the resilience of our services. Our aim is that nothing would be left to chance. We are building an ecosystem, where we aim to keep the critical operations in our own control in order to mitigate counterparty risks. Customers' assets have been fully separated from Voima's balance sheet.

For more information about other aspects of our business and services, please take a look at how Voima verifies value.