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Digital vault for physical gold

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You can buy gold through our online app. We take care of purchase and storage at our secure vaults in Helsinki, Finland.



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Voima Gold Digital Service

Voima Gold web app is now available!

The service allows you to buy and sell gold, see your current gold balance, track purchase and sales history  and communicate with our customer service.

Now everyone can buy gold with ease and great prices regardless of the quantity purchased.  Voima Gold service is different in that it lets its customers buy by the gram and not just bars or coins. In the service, gold portions are purchased from large batches, which are stored in our gold vault. When you buy 20 grams of gold, you acquire 2% of the 1kg gold bar weighed in our vault.

Everything we sell is physically in our vault. A small quantity is always stored at our partnering refineries end before it is shipped to our vault for its final destination. We do not sell shares in electronic investment gold or gold that is leveraged. Our customers are free to come pick up and store the gold at their own locations as well. We recommend keeping your gold in our secure vaults making security and management of your wealth simple and smooth.

Purchase price: LBMA world market price + 2.25 %.

Selling price: LBMA world market price - 2.25%

Purchasing,- and selling price on our service platform is updated  real time, every 30 seconds.

Storage price: 0 €

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please reach out to our customer service team for a quick response.

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Marko Viinikka

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