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SavingProtect your purchasing power with gold

Due to inflation, money loses its value over time. However, gold has stored its value throughout the ages. By exchanging your money for gold, you can safeguard your savings against inflation.

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A graph which compares the valuation of the most important international currencies to gold from the year 2000 to 2020.
In an unusual manner, gold's value is not shown in any currency. Instead the currencies' values are shown in gold.
Therefore gold is shown in a straight line on 0%. All currencies have lost >75% of their value in gold.
The currencies in the graph are euro, US Dollar, Swiss franc, British pound and Japanese yen.
A graph of values of different currencies compared to gold from the year 2000 to 2020.

Our applicationOwn gold with ease

With our easy-to-use application you can

  • Deposit euros into your Voima Account
  • Exchange euros for gold—even by the milligram
  • Exchange your gold for euros and transfer them into your bank account
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A laptop and a smart phone showing the dashboard of Voima's application.

SafetyVoima stores your gold securely

Voima takes care that your gold is insured to its full market value. Voima's auditing partners ensure that the gold is pure and in your full ownership.

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Passed through generationsSave up money for your children

Through Voima, you can also open a Voima Account for kids. This way you can protect your wealth from inflation through generations. Start saving for your children today!

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