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Voima Account—better than a bank account.

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Seven reasons
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Your money is not based on accumulating debt

It is no secret that euros, dollars and other government-issued currencies are debt. These can be created without limit or effort—and indeed they are being created so right now, in an attempt to resuscitate the economies worldwide.

Voima Account allows you to save in gold instead of just in euros: gold is nobody’s debt and therefore better money.


You actually get to own your money

Did you know?

The money on your bank account is not legally owned by you but by the bank. You have loaned your money to the bank and they lend it forward to earn revenue. This is normal practice, but like with any instance of lending, it does carry a risk of failure.

With Voima things are different

You own the gold on your Voima Account.

Consumers carrying banknotes in their wallets hardly think of themselves as creditors; nonetheless, banknotes represent the central bank’s debt to banknote holders. Similarly, a bank deposit represents the bank’s debt to the customer.

Bank of Finland

From: www.suomenpankki.fi


You can ignore interest rates


The interest on your bank account acts as the reward for the risk you take when you lend your money to the bank. However, with the current rates, there is no such reward even though the risk is still there.

The gold on your Voima Account has no associated lending risk. Thus, there is no need for a reward in the form of interest rates.


You can cope with the weakening euro

Euros printed since you entered this webpage

This printing pace is based on the 2020 figures.


Euros can be created without limit, and this inevitably weakens the value of the currency. This means that the more money is printed, the less you can generally buy with it. Unfortunately, money printing seems to be the megatrend of these times, and a total of €1,365,742,000,000 was issued in 2020 alone. Sooner or later, every euro will buy less.

With Voima Account, you can worry less about the effects of money creation and inflation. The account allows you to exchange your euros and other currencies for gold: an element that has always been highly valued and whose supply is naturally limited.


Your money is more secure

The majority of the Customers’ gold is kept safe at Voima’s own top-security vault in Helsinki. The rest is held at Voima’s trading partners in London and Switzerland to ensure liquidity. The gold is guaranteed to be pure in all of these locations.

The strategic choice of storing the vast majority of the gold in Finland—one of the safest nations in the world—further enhances the stability of Voima's operations.

  • The gold stored in Voima’s vault is insured at all times by Liberty Mutual.
  • Hill Audit verifies that the Customer assets are segregated from Voima’s balance sheet.
  • ALS Inspection UK Ltd. assays the purity of the gold stored in Voima’s vault, assuring the Customers that the gold is not counterfeit or impure.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers performs an independent three-month rolling audit to Voima’s Helsinki vault and accounting system.

Reports and certificates


There are no hidden costs

On a regular bank account you pay extra when your money loses in value.

All the fees of Voima are transparent and there are no hidden surprises.


Bank account

The real cost of a bank account

The figure represents a yearly loss in the value of euros. It is an average based on historical data from the last 20 years. The loss in value has been calculated against gold on a Voima Account. It takes into account interest rates, fees and the gold rate.


Voima Account

Yearly fee

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You root your wealth in history

Gold vs. euro

The euro has lost 85% of its value when measured against gold.

Compared to gold the euro goes down, data since 1999.

Gold vs. dollar

The dollar has lost 99% of its value in the last century when measured against gold.

Compared to gold the dollar goes down for over a century.

The oldest gold coins were minted in circa 550 BC—more than 2,500 years ago. All the way to our times, gold has globally been considered to be the best store of value.

Freedom of movement

Good money

Good money means money that keeps its value well. Gold is the prime exemplar of good money: it is a chemical element, so it cannot be destroyed; it is also something that has been valued since the beginning of recorded history.

Good money comes with a price. But it is truly worth it, if the money retains its value.

Bad money

Conversely, bad money means money that cannot keep its value very well. Though some money, like the euro, is bad, it does not mean it is useless. It is very sensible to use bad money for your everyday needs while basing your savings on good money.

Bad money rarely has high costs associated with it. And rightfully so, because it would decrease its value even further.

Save the good, spend the bad

Digital access to your Voima Account

Voima Account is accessible through different devices.

Transfer currencies into and out of your account

Voima accepts regular bank transfers. All currencies accepted by OP are also accepted by Voima, but they will be converted to euros when received.

Exchange euros for gold—or the other way around

With a Voima Account, you do not have to choose between euros and gold. You decide what to hold, what to exchange and when to do it.

  • Counted in milligrams

    Digital technology enables gold to be acquired by the milligram. This means you can exchange and own even small amounts, which brings Voima Account within everyone's reach.

  • Nordic quality

    Voima has a strong in-house team of experts focusing on IT and security to deliver robust, reliable and secure systems.

  • Access to the global gold market

    Voima Account allows you to access the global gold markets. The exchange rates for Customer transactions are updated in real time.

  • Manage Voima Account online

    You can access your Voima Account through your web browser or Voima’s application.
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Would you like to visit us?

Withdrawing gold from your account

You can withdraw bars of 100 g and 1 kg from Voima's office in Helsinki, Finland. Please book an appointment for this.

Face-to-face support

If you need personal support with your Voima Account or wish to carry out transactions in person, you can pay a visit to Voima's Helsinki office.

Book an appointment

To visit Voima's Helsinki office, all you need to do is to book an appointment. You can book one by email or phone. Please remember to take your ID with you when you come to the office.

Voima's office

Bulevardi 5
00120 Helsinki
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Voima Account suits all


Voima Account fits all walks of life. Since the account allows you to acquire gold by the milligram, you can save in good money at your own pace. Secure your financial future by opening a Voima Account online today!

Feel free to reach out for support or if you have any questions.

Open a Voima Account


The benefits of Voima Account can be accessed by all forms of business. The business’s account is managed by a natural person who has their own Voima Account. Bigger corporations can also get personalised service through a dedicated Client Treasurer.

Contact us and learn more


Voima offers bespoke services to institutional Customers. The Customers can range from asset management, investing and holding companies to foundations, governments and family offices. HNWIs are also welcome to use these services.

Voima Account for institutions


Miners are industrial Customers, who supply Voima with recycled metals. Partnering with Voima carries a number of benefits, such as pricing, service speed and transparency. Both small and medium-sized businesses and large-scale operators can join the ranks.

Voima for Miners


Help to build and protect your children's future by opening a Voima Account for them.

Your wealth, already theirs.

For kids

Finnish prudence


The current financial and banking system is based on debt and so it offers no solid ground for the future. People and societies need good banking, and that is what Voima is here for. Voima is fuelled by ambition and is poised to change the face of banking for good.

Voima was founded in 2017 by the CEO, Marko Viinikka. The company is located in Helsinki, Finland, and it provides services for retail, industrial and institutional Customers alike. Voima is already trusted by more than 3,000 registered users worldwide.

The Voima logo, a lion.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do Voima's Customers own pure gold?

    Yes. The Customers' gold is investment grade, with a purity of at least 99.99%.

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  • Are Customer assets segregated from Voima's balance sheet?

    Yes. This means that the Customers' gold is not owned by Voima but rather by the Customers themselves.

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  • Where does Voima store gold?

    The majority is stored in Helsinki and the rest is at Voima's gold accounts opened at its Swiss and British trading partners.

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  • I am concerned about the price of gold dropping. Should not gold store its value?

    Although its price can fluctuate in the short term, gold has been valued throughout millennia, thus outperforming many official currencies.

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  • I cannot open an account. What should I do?

    Please contact Voima's Customer care through contact@voimagold.com or by calling +358 (0)9 612 1917.

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  • Why do I need to take a picture of my face and ID?

    This is a security measure intended to ensure that it is indeed you who is opening the account, and not someone who has happened to come across your ID.

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  • Does Voima accept cryptocurrencies?

    No. For the time being, Voima does not accept any cryptocurrencies.

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  • Does Voima submit the Customer's tax information to the Finnish Tax Administration if the Customer so requests?

    No. Voima submits information to the Finnish Tax Administration only in accordance with the legal requirements. Thus, no information is submitted automatically or by Customers' requests. Rather, the person liable to pay taxes is responsible for submitting their own information to the tax authorities.

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  • Am I liable to pay tax for any capital gains when I sell my gold?

    Yes, if you are liable to pay taxes in Finland. In other cases, you should consult your local tax authorities for the answer.

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  • Can I withdraw my gold?

    Yes. You can withdraw the gold either as 99.99% pure gold bars or by exchanging the gold for euros and transferring them to your bank account.

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Annual report 2020

Our annual report of 2020 shows strong growth in terms of revenue, Customers and assets under management.

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