We Sell and Store Physical Gold

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Gold Is Inflation-Proof

Unlike paper money, governments can’t “print” gold. This makes gold inflation-proof. Ideal for protecting your purchasing power.


Store Your Gold Safely

Your physical gold is safe and secure in our very own high-security vault. Liberty Mutual insures your gold and PwC ensures our vault.


Control Your Gold

With our Voima app, it’s safe and easy to buy, sell and store your physical gold.

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All in One App

Buy, sell and store gold. 24/7. With our Voima app, we unite the certainty of physical gold with the comfort of online investing platforms.

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Why Gold

Buy Gold Today, Save a Fortune Tomorrow

Inflation erodes money—since 1900, most paper currencies have lost more than 90% of their value. To keep your purchasing power, you need inflation-proof money: gold.

Safety, Trust and Honesty

A Safe Haven for Your Gold

Keeping your gold safe is our priority. So instead of relying on third-party vault operators, we store your gold in our very own high-security vault. And only here with us, will your gold find a safe haven in Finland—one of the most honest and stable countries in the world.

Make Your Physical Gold Storing Safe and Easy