Institutions Add gold to your portfolio

Ownership of gold

Voima's Customers have full ownership of the gold on their Voima Accounts.

Who qualifies?

Voima offers bespoke services to institutional Customers. The services are available globally.

Institutional Customers can be any of the following:

Likewise, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are also welcome to use the same services that are offered to institutional Customers.

Voima's institutional services

Voima Account affords easy management of assets.

Gain deep liquidity

Exchange euros and gold

Store gold safely in Finland

Deposit gold to your Voima Account

Get custom reporting

Receive personalised service

Why gold?

Owning gold provides:


If you wish to become an institutional Customer or want to learn more about the relevant services, feel free to contact Niko, our Vice President of Institutional Sales:

Niko PalonenVice President of Institutional Sales +358 (0)40 842 8460

In case Niko is temporarily unavailable, please get in touch with Voima’s Customer care:

VoimaCustomer care +358 (0)9 612 1917

09:00–17:00 Helsinki time

Annual Report 2020

Our annual report of 2020 shows strong growth in terms of revenue, Customers and assets under management.

Download report (pdf)