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Buy gold
at Voima
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Voima offers very competitive pricing and service that is both fast and transparent.

Voima & gold

At Voima, gold is bought through a safe online platform,
Voima Account. You can either

  • buy gold on your Voima Account and so easily increase your gold savings online; or
  • first buy gold on your Voima Account and then withdraw it as
    100-gram or 1-kilogram bars.

How to buy gold

  1. At Voima, you buy gold through Voima Account. The account is free, and it can be opened quickly online. You can also book an appointment and open your account at Voima’s Helsinki office. After this, you can start buying gold.
    An image of Voima Account and how to buy gold through it.
    Voima Account is used like a mobile application.
  2. When your account has been verified, you can buy gold in two ways:

    In both options, you buy the gold by making a bank transfer into your Voima Account.

    Buying gold via bank transfer is a more direct way to buy gold, since you will simply make a bank transfer into your gold account. Once Voima has received the transfer, it will exchange the money for gold according to the then-current exchange rate.

    Buying gold through the currency account is done by first making a bank transfer into your currency account. When you want to exchange the money for gold, you can do so immediately on your Voima Account. This is a good option for those who want to know the exact exchange rate they are using for their exchange.


Why Voima?

Voima stores gold on behalf of its Customers. There are many reasons for choosing to buy your gold from Voima and storing your gold at Voima instead of keeping it at home.

Generally, you should buy gold from vendors whom you trust. In order to build trust, we at Voima conduct our business with honesty and transparency. For example, our full pricing is all on one page and the reports of our external auditing partners are published on Voima’s downloads page. There are no hidden fees, and our security unit and compliance make sure that our company does not do business with criminals.

Why Voima?

Voima stores gold on behalf of its Customers. There are many reasons for buying and storing your gold at Voima instead of keeping it at home.

An image of 100-gram Voima gold bars.
100-gram Voima gold bars.

Why should you buy gold from Voima?

Five excellent reasons for buying gold from Voima:

  • Affordable prices
  • The Customers’ gold is verified, pure and fully insured
  • The gold bought and sold through Voima is very liquid
  • Instead of keeping your gold at home, you can store it in Voima’s secure vaults
  • Voima’s processes are transparent through and through

An image of 1-kilogram Voima gold bars.
1-kilogram Voima gold bars.

Why should you store your gold at Voima?

There are several reasons to keep your gold on your Voima Account instead of storing it at home. First of all, holding valuables can be stressful. You will have to invest in proper paraphernalia, such as a safe, or you will have to make sure to conceal the valuables in a way that evades detection. Furthermore, there can be numerous factors that a single individual might find difficult to take into consideration, such as accidents. Therefore you should obtain proper insurance, which can be costly and might include excess payments. Besides that, most insurance companies rule out investment grade gold products from their terms on property insurances for private individuals.

If you wished to sell your gold, you would have to find out the potential buyers and determine the price. The sale might require that the gold needs to be processed, which may take time or incur additional costs depending on the operator. You may also have to arrange logistics, which can ramp up the costs and thus complicate the price determination.

With Voima, you do not have to agonise over your valuables. In exchange for an affordable annual fee, you get security, verifications and peace of mind with regard to your gold. The stored gold is also fully insured, and it is fully owned by you, meaning that a potential bankruptcy of Voima would not compromise your gold assets.

Finally, gold on a Voima Account is better in terms of finance and liquidity. You can take credit against your gold, and you can exchange it for euros if need be.

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