Do not worry about interest ratesSavings account rates vs. Voima Account

A bank pays interest for your deposits because you are taking a risk by lending your money to the bank. With Voima Account, you own the gold on your account. In the case of bank deposits, you have to commit to keep your money on your bank account for the agreed term in order to earn interest. With Voima Account, you can withdraw your savings at any time you want.

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SavingProtect your purchasing power with gold

Due to inflation, money loses its value over time. However, gold has stored its value throughout the ages. By exchanging your money for gold, you can safeguard your savings against inflation.

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Protection from inflationA savings account does not protect your wealth from inflation like gold does

In general, the interest paid for savings account deposits has not covered the costs of inflation since 2008. On your Voima Account, your money is protected from inflation, and thus you know what and how much you pay for.

Voima Account

0.99% annual account fee

Savings account

6.25% yearly loss of value

For the patient saverSaving on a Voima Account

What would have happened had you saved €100 a month for your child for 18 years between 2003 and 2021?

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Passed through generationsSave up money for your children

Through Voima, you can also open a Voima Account for kids. This way you can protect your wealth from inflation through generations. Start saving for your children today!

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Why Voima?Voima Account

  • With gold, you protect your money from inflation.
  • With Voima's easy-to-use application, you can manage your savings wherever you go.
  • No fixed-term contracts: Deposit and withdraw your savings whenever your want.
  • Start saving today—with just €1 or more!
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