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Voima Better than a bank account

Don't worry about interest Savings account interest versus Voima Account

A bank pays interest to your deposit because you're taking a risk by borrowing your money for the bank. With Voima Account, you own the gold on your account. To earn interest on your deposit, you have to commit to keep your money on the account for the agreed term. With Voima Account, you can withdraw your savings any time you want.

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Saving Protect your purchasing power with gold

Due to inflation, money loses value over time. However, gold has stored its value throughout the ages. By exchanging your money for gold, you can safeguard your savings against inflation.

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Protection from inflation A savings account doesn't protect your wealth from inflation like gold does

In general the interest paid on savings account deposits haven't even covered the inflation since 2008. On your Voima Account your money is protected from inflation, and as such there's no hidden surprises.

Voima Account

0.99% yearly account fee


6.25% yearly loss of value

Protect your money from inflation

For the patient saver Saving on a Voima Account

What would have happened, had you saved €100 a month for your child over 18 years between 2003 and 2021?

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Passed through generations Save up money for your children

Through Voima, you can also open a Voima Account for kids. This way you can protect your wealth from inflation through generations. Start saving for your children today!

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Voima Account

  • With gold you protect your money from inflation
  • With the easy-to-use application you can manage your savings from where ever you go
  • No fixed term contracts: Deposit and withdraw your savings when ever your want
  • Start saving today with just €1 or more

Voima Account compared to traditional banking

Gold on a Voima Account Traditional bank account
Preserves purchasing power Yes

This is based on historical data.


The euro has lost 84% of its value against gold since 1999.

Long-term risk Low

From a historical perspective, gold has never failed up to this point.


This is based on historical data.

Withdrawal Unlimited

On weekdays, only a 24-hour notice is needed.


There is usually a daily maximum.

Ownership You own the gold You do not own the money.

You own a bond. This means you lend your money to the bank, and they lend it forward to others.

The deposited amount
not lent out to others
100% Minimum 1%

This is in accordance with the ECB requirements.

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