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Miners and recyclers

Voima does business with a respected Customer segment called Miners, who help feed Voima's gold-based ecosystem. They are organisations who help Voima in building its sourcing around recycled and sustainably mined gold—and hence contribute to the work towards a sustainable future.

In spite of the name, Miners can include various actors of different sizes. They can be small and medium-sized businesses who source precious metals from private individuals and other companies. They can also be large-scale operators, such as mining companies, gold smelters and refineries.

But whether they are local, global, big or small, they are united in that each of them appreciates having Voima as part of their value chain.

Benefits for Miners

Fair price

Voima pays 1% under the global gold market price and 5% under the global silver, platinum and palladium market prices. Miners can exchange gold and euros 24/7 in real-time either online or through the Voima app.

Fast service

95% of the gold batches have been so far processed within 24 hours of the delivery. After the processing is done, the gold will appear on your Voima Account, ready to be exchanged for euros or withdrawn in pure gold. Further shipment, refining and price risks are on Voima.

As a service guarantee, Voima has two full business days to analyse a gold batch and five full business days to analyse a silver batch. After this, Voima deposits the gold content into the Customer's gold account and pays euros into their euro account for the other metals.

Full transparency

Voima offers full information about its analyses, processes and pricing. The company has proudly engineered one of the fastest and efficient analysis processes in the world to determine the contents of the delivered material. You are welcome to ask any questions regarding the analysis process or any other aspect of Voima's business.

Complete solutions to make your job easier

The unit responsible for this line of business—Voima Miners—is continuously developing new solutions based on individual Customers' needs and wishes in order to make your job easier. The unit is constantly looking for new services and solutions to offer for the Customers, meaning that your input is always appreciated and responded to.

Integrity and reputation

For Voima, your reputation is as valuable as the company's own. That is why the origin and composition of all the material is verified before it enters Voima's ecosystem. Voima's transparent value chain has been designed to create true added value to both your stakeholders and to those of the company.

Enjoy all the benefits of Voima Account

Miners, like other Customers, benefit from the incomparable features of Voima Account. For example, the gold on your Voima Account belongs entirely to you, and it will not be lent forward or securitised. The Voima app also allows easy access to your holdings.

It is highly recommended to open an account for yourself, your kids or your company!

Tailored solutions for you

Centralising trade-related operations to Voima gives you competitive advantage through transaction speed, efficiency and smoothness. Voima has a wide range of custom services and solutions to help its Customers' business excel: be it logistics, hedging, real-time order execution or pre-financing and credit, Voima has you covered—both globally and locally. Whether you are a regional gold dealer or a large-scale miner, Voima's tailored full-service solutions leave you with more time to focus on your core business and key stakeholders.

Through the global network of partners, Voima is able to provide solutions around the world, tailored to your specific requirements. All in all, Voima is a versatile partner that can help you elevate your business efficiency to the next level.

For further information on the trade-related services, please contact the Voima Miners unit.

Voima Miners process

One of Voima's principles is that sincerity shines through—this means being sincere, transparent and reliable through and through. Following this principle, all the processes are carried out with full transparency.

Delivery notice or pickup request

Please provide a 24-hours' notice through the app or call Voima's Customer care prior to delivering your batch. You can also request a global or local secure pickup through the Customer care.

Delivery to Voima

After the notice, you may deliver the batch to Voima's office. If you requested a secure pickup, the logistics company will pick up the batch and take care of the delivery. You will be notified by email once Voima has received the batch.


An ED-XRF analysis is used to determine the composition of the batch. Batches containing other than pure or rudimentary bars will be melted into bars, after which all the bars are drilled and the drilled samples are analysed. To this day, 95% of all gold batches have been analysed within 24 hours of the delivery.

Deposit into Voima Account

After determining the composition of the batch, the amount of pure gold will be deposited into your Voima Account. If your batch contains silver or the minimum amount of a PGM, you will be paid for them after the analysis according to the market price.

Exchange, withdraw & save

The deposit you receive for your batch depends on the metal: for silver and PGMs, you get euros and for gold you get milligrams of pure gold.

Once the gold appears on your Voima Account, you can exchange it for euros, withdraw both euros and gold or simply save gold on your Account. Voima also accepts LBMA fixing orders and performs Loco London transfers.


Net impact of gold

Gold is an element, which means that it cannot be broken down or transformed into another substance through chemical means. Thus, it can be said that gold is effectively eternal and constant in quantity: all the gold that has been discovered by humans is still on Earth, in one form or another. Even if gold-containing material were to undergo processing, the amount of gold would still remain the same. This means that the recycling rate of gold is virtually 100%, making gold one of the most sustainable natural resources.

The gold-related industries provide a source of livelihood for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, bringing positive socioeconomic impact to communities both small and large. In addition, gold is also used in health and technology due to its exceptional properties.

Through millennia, mankind has understood the value of gold. It is no wonder then that gold has remained a universal store of value throughout recorded history. This is why at Voima gold is regarded as money extraordinaire—something that holds the purchasing power now and in the future.

Voima's actions

Most Miners do not deal with the end users of gold. For this reason, Miners have a limited impact on the individuals' perception of the global gold industry. It is Voima's aim to affect the perceptions of the public about the positive aspects of gold mining and recycling by promoting sound industry standards, responsibility, traceability and the positive socioeconomic impact of the industry—while at the same time addressing the negative consequences that may be brought about.

Lasting value through transparency

The increasing focus on ESG and sustainability will shape the mining and recycling industries profoundly in the coming years. Ensuring sustainable and resilient value chains can have a meaningful impact on the success of your company and can even decrease your financing costs. Voima is committed to being at the forefront of sustainability by applying exceptional precision and transparent documentation to its processes and activities.

Want to know more?

Whether you represent a jewelry, smelter, refiner, or a small-scale recycler, you can contact us for further information.

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Becoming a Miner

Provide information by filling in the account opening application. By signing the form, you also accept the latest Voima Miners Agreement.

The review process will take only a few days. You will be contacted if further information is needed.

You can also enrol by making an appointment to Voima's Helsinki office.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate dynamically reflects the price at which Voima can exchange gold. Voima's exchange rate is updated in real time, and the data comes through an API connection between Voima and nFusion Solutions.

Read more on how much gold costs at Voima.


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