How does Voima track user actions on its website?

How does Voima track user actions on its website?

Voima alone collects user information on its website, and no third-party services are used for this. The user information collected by Voima is not shared with any third parties in any way.

It is impossible to identify users based on the collected user information. This information is therefore not personal data.

Voima collects information about the use of the website and the application primarily in order to detect issues in the systems. When the actions carried out before the issue are known, it is easier to track down the root cause and fix it. The information also helps Voima to ascertain that its services can be used on all devices.

Secondarily, the website tracking helps Voima to understand whether its advertising has reached the intended audience. Voima does not use the collected information to target any advertisement. In addition, Voima does not share the collected information with any of its advertising channels.

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