Customer service by phone is open on weekdays from 10 AM to 1 PM Helsinki time.

Why Voima?

  • Liquidity—Gain access to the London Bullion Market, which exchanges over €60B's worth of gold a day
  • Security—Secure storage in Finland, outside the banking system
  • Insurance—Customer assets are insured to their full market value by Liberty Mutual
  • Customer assets are regularly audited by three external companies:
    • Asset audits by Bureau Veritas
    • Purity inspections by ALS Inspection UK
    • Asset segregation by an Authorised Public Accountant
  • Transparency—All audit reports and insurance certificates are freely accessible at our downloads page
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FinlandThe undiscovered safe haven

  • Finland is among the top countries in the world in terms of governance and integrity
    • #1 country in individual property rights1
    • #1 most resilient country in the world2
    • #2 least corrupt public sector in the world3
  • Finland is renowned for its safety and security
    • #1 ranked country in Global Peace Index's safety and security category4
    • A Nato member state with the fifth largest military reserves in the world5
    • #3 in the Rule of Law Index 20226
  • Finland is the third most stable and sustainable country in the world7
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Voima Account

  • A safe and easy way to allocate wealth to gold
  • Voima is the most affordable supplier of investment grade gold in Northern Europe
  • The Customer owns gold, not financial instruments
  • Customer assets are always segregated from Voima's balance sheet
  • 24/7 liquidity
  • Bars can be withdrawn at a 24-hour notice
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List pricing

Account fee 0.99%

Annually from gold holdings

Exchange euros for gold 1.99%
Exchange gold for euros 1.99%

Investment grade gold is VAT-exempt.


Tiered pricing

Customer's gold at Voima Exchange fees (VAT-exempt) Annual account fee (inc. VAT 24%)
Below 20 kg 1.99% 0.99%
Over 20 kg 1.79% 0.99%
Over 40 kg 1.59% 0.99%
Over 100 kg 1.29% 0.99%
Over 200 kg 0.90% 0.99%
Over 1,000 kg 0.50% 0.99%

Other services

  • Withdraw your bars effortlessly at a 24-hour notice
  • International vault transfers and secure logistics can be arranged across the globe through Voima's partners Brink's and Loomis
  • Voima Markets provides services pertaining to e.g. currency exchange, ETF conversions and hedging

Voima Gold Ltd.

  • Founded in 2017
  • A fully Finnish shareholder base
  • The leading provider of gold-related trading and storage services in the Nordics
  • Over 1,700 paying Customers
  • The stored Customer assets amount to over €75M
  • In 2022, Voima posted a sales revenue of €45.9M
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