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Am I liable to pay tax for any capital gains when I sell my gold?


Yes, if you are liable to pay taxes in Finland. In other cases, you should consult your local tax authorities for the answer.

When you sell investment grade gold, you might gain or lose by it. Under Finnish tax regulations, these are to be filed in as capital gains or losses, which fall under the category of capital income tax.

Voima submits information to the Finnish Tax Administration only in accordance with the legal requirements. Consequently, the company does not submit the tax information of its Customers automatically to the Finnish Tax Administration or by Customers' requests. Rather, the person liable to pay taxes is responsible for submitting their own information to the tax authorities.

Please note that Voima does not provide tax advice, and it is not responsible for how accurate or up to date the given information is. The up-to-date information regarding tax matters is provided by the Finnish Tax Administration.

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