Can I open an account for my company?


Yes. This can be done through your personal Voima Account.

Here is how to do it: First, choose 'Settings'. Then scroll down and click 'Organisational profiles'. Here, you just need to click on 'Create a business account' to start the process. Please fill in all the needed information and attach a trade register extract in English or Finnish.

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  • I cannot open an account. What should I do?

    Please contact Voima's Customer care through or by calling +358 (0)9 612 1917.

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  • Can I withdraw my gold?

    Yes. You can withdraw the gold either as 99.99% pure gold bars or by exchanging the gold for euros and transferring them to your bank account.

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  • Why do I need to identify myself in the account opening process?

    For security reasons. The identification increases the security of Voima's services and enables Voima to provide and develop more services in the future. It responds to growing regulatory requirements, such as the prevention of terrorist financing and money laundering. The identification also makes it easier to add account-related services, such as business accounts.

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  • How can I access my Voima Account?

    Through a web browser or Voima's app.

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  • I cannot see my deposit on the Voima Account. What should I do?

    International bank transfers can take several days to process, and SEPA transfers are generally processed within 2 business days. If neither of these apply to you, or if a long time has elapsed since your transaction, please contact Voima's Customer care.

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  • I cannot access my account. What should I do?

    Please contact Voima's Customer care.

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  • Who is Voima Account designed for?

    Everybody. The account can be opened for individuals, businesses and institutions alike. You can even open an account for your children!

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  • Can I delete my Voima Account?

    Yes. To do this, you should send a request to Voima's Customer care.

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