Who are Miners?


Voima's industrial Customers and partners, who help feed Voima’s gold-based ecosystem.

Miners are organisations who help Voima in building its sourcing around recycled and sustainably mined gold—and hence contribute to the work towards a sustainable future.

In spite of the name, Miners can include various actors of different sizes. They can be small and medium-sized businesses who source gold material from private individuals and other companies. They can also be large-scale operators, such as mining companies, gold smelters and refineries.

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  • What precious metals can Miners deliver to Voima?

    Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

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  • How does Voima source the gold?

    Voima's gold supply is divided into two categories:

    • Voima Miners and other Customers
    • Voima's trading and refinery partners

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  • How do you apply to become a Miner?

    You can apply by following these instructions.

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