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Why should I keep my gold on a Voima Account instead of withdrawing it?

Why should I keep my gold on a Voima Account instead of withdrawing it?
For reasons of security, convenience and liquidity.

There are several reasons to keep your gold on your Voima Account instead of storing it at home. First of all, holding valuables can be stressful. You will have to invest in proper paraphernalia, such as a safe, or you will have to make sure to conceal the valuables in a way that evades detection. Furthermore, there can be numerous factors that a single individual might find difficult to take into consideration, such as accidents. Therefore you should obtain proper insurance, which can be costly and might include excess payments. Besides that, most insurance companies rule out investment grade gold products from their terms on property insurances for private individuals.

If you wished to sell your home-stored gold, you would have to find out the potential buyers and determine the price. The sale might require that the gold needs to be processed, which may take time or incur additional costs depending on the operator. You may also have to arrange logistics, which can ramp up the costs and thus complicate the price determination.

With Voima, you do not have to agonise over your valuables: in exchange for an affordable annual account fee, you get security, verifications and peace of mind with regard to your gold. The stored gold is also fully insured, and it is fully owned by you, meaning that a potential bankruptcy of Voima would not compromise your gold assets.

Finally, gold on a Voima Account is better in terms of finance and liquidity. Through Voima Account, you can easily exchange gold for euros and vice versa. This is enabled by Voima's trading partner, thanks to whom Voima has access to the London gold market, in which billions of euros' worth of gold is traded daily. Therefore, it is easy to find a new buyer for the gold on your Voima Account in exchange for reasonable fees!