Dumb mistakes need only be done once

I first heard of Voima in 2019 when I was looking for different options on how to build a nest egg. After some comparisons, it turned out that gold was a safe and recommended choice. However, back then it seemed that buying gold close to the market prices would be an uphill battle—especially if you were not well-connected. What is more, it appeared that selling gold in comfortable amounts and for a good price was hard.

My friend told me back then that through this Finnish company, Voima, it would be easy to own gold. Yet his advice fell on deaf ears, and I ended up getting my gold from elsewhere, at a scary premium. The lesson proved to be an expensive one, since through Voima I could have saved a five-digit figure!

Currently, many people are in the same boat as I was back in 2019. People have some savings, but the purchasing power of the euro or the dollar is low. Voima would be an excellent choice for these people, and I want to make it possible that others do not need to make the same mistake as I did.

From lone-wolf sales to tight-knit communities

This year me, my wife and our three children got an opportunity to move back to Helsinki from Southern Ostrobothnia. I had been working at sales for 10 years and a couple of years as a “less lonely” manager of communities. When we arrived in Helsinki, I could still remember the name Voima, so I thought: “I need a new job, and here is a relevant company whose values match with mine. Why not?” I marched into the Helsinki office, marched back home, and some days later returned marching as a full-time employee.

My job title is Community Manager, so I am responsible for building and maintaining different communities of Voima. I've always been a community guy, since the most memorable moments happen when you achieve great things in a great team. That is when you really understand what kind of power lies in teamwork.

Voima's Community Manager

What makes this job suitably challenging is that few things have been set in stone. Based on community feedback, I can plan what Voima should look and sound like and how we could enhance our communication towards the different communities.

It is important that Customers can have an impact on how Voima should communicate to them. They can suggest what kind of material they want from Voima. For example, we are currently planning to give them video material, newsletters, webinars and physical events.

In addition to community management, I hope to boost up Voima's brand from within and to make it clearer what kind of services we are offering for our Customer segments. I want that Voima's Customer base would include a great variety of people: people who want to save money, experienced or amateur investors, asset managers; old and young people who want that their money would have value even in the future.

You can contact me freely, if you have any questions or feedback!

Lasse Lindholm
+358 (0)50 433 3857