New partnership

Voima is proud to announce a new partnership with ALS Inspection UK Ltd., a subsidiary of the Australian, publicly listed ALS Limited (ALQ XASX).

The cooperation with Eurofins Labtium came to an end when Eurofins discontinued the overall provision of hallmarking services on 31 January 2021. Since one of Voima's core principles is transparency, finding a new partner to attest to the purity of the Customers' gold was an obvious requirement. As a result, the partnership with ALS was established in January 2021, and the first analysis was conducted in September, after the Covid-19 travel restrictions had been lifted.

The analyses will be conducted semiannually, and the latest results can be seen on Voima's website.

Voima's Chief Operating Officer, Samuli Keränen, is proud to announce the new partnership:

Voima is pleased to have a partner who has expertise not only in metals and minerals purity analysis but on a wide spectrum of auditing services ranging from stock management to process integrity. We look forward to our partnership with ALS and the possibility to enhance our transparency by providing increasingly detailed reporting.

Samuli Keränen

Why ALS?

European partnerships were searched far and wide, yet none of the offers really aligned with Voima's standards for quality and trustworthiness. ALS Inspection UK Ltd. not only met those criteria, but their brand name and reputation are well-recognised in the industry, thus matching Voima's aims for strong foundations. Moreover, they are an active associate member of some of the most prestigious trade organisations, such as the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), LPPM (London Platinum and Palladium Market) and the IPMI (International Precious Metals Institute).

David Pownall, the Global Precious Metals Manager at ALS Inspection UK Ltd., comments the partnership as follows:

Since the precious metal industry needs disruptive and trustworthy solutions, it is a real pleasure to begin collaboration with an innovative, robust and transparent client like Voima. ALS values sustainable growth, and Voima's recycled sourcing policy alone indicates that we are both very much aligned in this.

David Pownall

The latest inspection report and certificate of analysis are now available.