New Board of Directors

Voima Gold Ltd has appointed a new Board of Directors in Helsinki on the 10 March. The appointment comes during a time when Voima is striving for growth on a global scale, which calls for strong strategic leadership and experience.

Voima recently released its annual report of 2020, announcing a significant growth in revenue and added services. Following this success, the company considers this to be the right time to strengthen its strategic leadership and build the foundation for future success.

Sami Alatalo, the Chairman of the Board, is thrilled to be part of Voima:

The turbulent and debt-driven global economy of today needs stability. What we need is the opportunity to hold our wealth in safe and solid form—such as gold, with its praiseworthy track record as a store of value. What we also need is to be able to manage our holdings with secure and easy-to-use digital services. This, I believe, is the founding force and idea behind Voima—a view that I share completely.

Sami Alatalo

The founder and CEO of Voima, Marko Viinikka, comments the appointment as follows:

We are pleased to welcome the new Board of Directors to Voima; their deep industry expertise both in mining and banking will provide us with strong business acumen, and their experience with strong regulatory oversight will be invaluable to Voima as we are growing globally and pursuing new opportunities.

Marko Viinikka

Introducing the members

Sami Alatalo, Chairman of the Board

Sami Alatalo is an experienced lawyer and executive with a practical and common-sense approach. He has comprehensive expertise from banking and finance, various corporate transactions and real estate development projects, transition phases and turnaround management projects both from a managerial and legal point of view. The law has been central to his career path, and he has held both corporate management and board positions in real estate, construction and metal industries. His board activity encompasses companies like Uutechnic Group, Westpro and Mergertum.

Tapani Järvinen, Board Member

Tapani Järvinen has vast experience in leadership and board member positions in various Finnish and international industrial companies. He has acted as a member of the group executive committee at Outokumpu and was involved in the listing of Outotec to Nasdaq Helsinki. After that, he acted as the CEO and board member of Outotec. Tapani has also acted as the chairman of the board of directors at Talvivaara Mining Company and as a board member of Konecranes, Normet Group and many other companies. Having lived in various Latin American countries for over a decade, Tapani has also acted as the chairman of the Finnish-Latin American Trade Association for over 13 years. In 2017, he was nominated as the honorary chairman of the association.

Risto Päivänsalo, Board Member

Risto Päivänsalo is a seasoned professional with wide experience from the financial services sector, focused especially on investment management and how to increase a company's value. He has previously worked in product development and production tasks at Nokia Networks and as a portfolio manager at Evli Bank. Currently, he is the CEO of Resete, prior to which he was the founder and managing director of Dividend House.

Marko Viinikka, Board Member

Marko Viinikka is the founder and CEO of Voima. Prior to founding Voima, he had acted as an investment broker with a strong track record and as the CEO of Voima Capital, which he still is to this day. Marko is a vision- and strategy-focused leader, striving to create a sustainable bank that is based on sound money and that will last for generations to come.