Donation to education

Voima has donated approximately 200 synthetic gemstones for education at Tyrvää College of Crafts and Design (TKTO). The donation was made in cooperation with Namu Jewellery, whose founder, gemologist Mari Ruohomäki, inspected and sorted the gemstones before they were passed on. The stones were derived from the recycled gold jewellery brought to Voima Miners.

Voima is a strong supporter of both specialisation in Finland and sustainability in general, and so the donation provided an excellent opportunity to reuse old material for the education of new talents. Namu Jewellery was also a fitting choice for the partnership, since their responsible activities with artisanal miners align well with Voima's values.

Sam Laakso, responsible for the activities of Voima Miners, commented on the contribution as follows:

In the process of handling recycled gold, Voima ends up with hundreds of synthetic gemstones yearly. These have barely any resale value compared to natural gemstones, but they can be used for educational purposes. It is wonderful that now, with the help of Namu Jewellery, these stones can be used for the education of future Finnish specialists at TKTO.

Sam Laakso


TKTO is an educational institution in Sastamala, Finland, who offer studies in the art industry. The institution was founded in 1898, and they educate art industry professionals for the precious metals, engraving, stage design and interior design industries.

Namu Jewellery

Namu is a Finnish importer of gemstones, whose supplies are derived sustainably from artisanal miners in Asia. Namu works directly with the artisans, who are committed to sustainable activities in terms of environment and working conditions. The artisans are also paid a fair price for the gemstones. The stones are polished by Namu's chosen partners near the mining sites, and the origin of each stone is known thanks to the transparency of the supply chain.