New Board of Directors

In the annual shareholder meeting held on 27 April, Voima Gold Ltd. appointed a new Board of Directors. The new appointments bring great leadership and financial management acumen for Voima, giving the company even greater potential to reach the growth- and strategy-related goals.

Saku Pitkänen, the Chairman of the Board, is eagerly awaiting to work with Voima:

It is a privilege to be part of Voima's journey as the Chairman of the new accomplished Board. The position naturally comes with a lot of responsibility, but at the same time I am given an ideal post to follow the progress of this ambitious and innovative company. I have witnessed Voima's story ever since Marko founded the company, and it has been a great pleasure to see how much has been achieved. Now, I am looking forward to working with Voima's young and skilled management to bring the company to the next level. The vision and mission are powerful and unique, and I strongly believe that in these times of turbulence and uncertainty, there is demand for companies like Voima.

Saku Pitkänen

Board member Kai Järvikare sees great value in Voima's long-term approach:

I am honoured and humbled to join the Voima Board. I find Voima's vision impressive, and a great vision statement helps to maintain a long-term focus in order to avoid the confusion of short-term thinking. After all, it is the service that must be the basis of a company's existence. A well-conducted company cannot fail to make profit, but the profit must and inevitably will come as a reward for good service. While the company will benefit and extend its operations by being profitable, the focus is on others, and this is what Voima is doing. It is enduring and inspiring—something that is beyond the daily struggles.

Kai Järvikare

Introducing the members

Saku Pitkänen, Chairman of the Board

Saku Pitkänen is an experienced strategy and business professional with over ten years of experience in international trade, commercial business management and leadership, and 20 years of experience in strategy design, internationalisation and business development with both big and small companies. His leadership and management experience covers both manufacturing and consultancy organisations and international NGOs. Saku's executive portfolio includes positions at Unilever, Mondelez, Business Finland and Soprano Group, and he was also Chairman of the Board of Oy Windside Production Ltd. between 2018 and 2020.

Kai Järvikare, Board Member

Kai Järvikare is a skilled financial management professional with profound experience across industries. His specialties include corporate and processes development, operational management, project and people leadership, corporate restructuring & turnaround management, reporting of a public company and IFRS. During his extensive career, he has, for example, worked as a CFO in several companies, such as Sonera Plaza, Fennia Mutual Insurance Company, Talentum Group and Tiimari Oyj. His board position experience includes Municipal Guarantee Board and Fintoto Oy.

Marko Viinikka, Board Member

Marko Viinikka is the founder and CEO of Voima. Prior to founding Voima, he acted as an investment broker with a strong track record. Marko is a vision- and strategy-focused leader, striving to create a sustainable bank that is based on sound money and that will last for generations to come.