Voima is a Finnish fintech company offering innovative account services based on gold. We have clients from more than 30 nations around the world and our revenue in 2019 was 6.7 mEUR.  

The initial "why" of the company was born after realizing that most people are critically exposed to devaluing currencies and unstable banks.

The root cause is the financial system, and the way it is constructed. Most of the clients who use financial services are not looking for ways to get rich, but rather, to preserve their purchasing power and leave an inheritance to the next generation.

These people are victims of the financial system, as they are forced to carry liabilities in their regular bank account. In fact, they lend their savings to banks usually without knowing it.

We believe that your future matters. Hard work and doing the right things matters. We do it by offering gold-based accounts, for those who want their savings to endure today, tomorrow and future generations.

Our Vision & Principles

Our vision is to oversee and manage capital for generations to come.

Our mission is to offer reliable and secure gold based banking products and services.

Management and Advisory Board

Operational Management

Voima’s current management team includes the following persons with the following responsibility areas

Marko Viinikka
Chief Executive Officer
Samuli Keränen
Chief Operating Officer
Sam Laakso
Business controller
Jan Nieuwenhuijs
Joonas Ilmasti
Legal Counsel
Advisory Board
Tapani Järvinen
Aleksi Pursiainen
Pentti Pikkarainen


An important part of Voima’s vision is working towards a more sustainable future. We always seek a balance between financial results, transparency, social interests and the environment.

Voima follows Environmental, Social and Governance principles (ESG) that are a set of guidelines aimed to minimize any negative effect of poor management in these areas. Our principles and values aim for a more sustainable future and responsible governance.

Waymaker - Coming Soon

Voima Waymaker is a program that is designed to share Voima’s mission to the public.

In order to become a Waymaker, and to enjoy the privileges the status offers, the client must express an interest in promoting Voima’s mission and vision.

Send questions or applications here: waymaker@voimagold.com


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