Three product updates at Voima

In the course of the second and third quarters of 2023, Voima Account has seen three major updates that impact account opening, transfers to the gold and euro accounts and the overall user experience.

In Q2, the Voima app 3.0 was released and the application was migrated to a new platform. From the Customers' point of view, the migration has brought with it a new layout and interface, which facilitate account management and improve the user experience.

What the migration also has made possible is that it ensures faster product development in the future. This was showcased by an update halfway through Q3, which introduced a new way to open a Voima Account. Through Voima's partnership with Signicat, Customers can from now on open a Voima Account with Finnish banking credentials. This reduced the amount of time needed to open the account to a few minutes.

Following this, Voima also released a new Finnish online payment feature. The feature was brought in cooperation with the online payment provider Paytrail, and through the update Customers can now use their Finnish banking credentials to transfer money instantly both to their gold and euro accounts.