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Latest press releases

Voima donates gemstones for education

30 March 2022

Voima, in cooperation with Namu Jewellery, contributes gemstones for the training of the precious metals industry.
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Voima begins cooperation with Signicat

7 February 2022

Voima has chosen Signicat’s services for internal KYC and e-signature processes.
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ALS Inspection UK Ltd. is Voima’s new purity analysis partner

4 October 2021

Voima is proud to announce a new partnership with ALS Inspection UK Ltd.
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Voima continues as the biggest fintech startup in Finland

21 September 2021

Voima has been listed as the biggest fintech startup in Finland by revenue for the second year in a row.
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Voima announces a new Board of Directors

3 May 2021

Voima announces a new Board of Directors, whose members are Sami Alatalo, Tapani Järvinen, Risto Päivänsalo and Marko Viinikka.
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Media presence

1 February 2022

Gold garners interest as an investment—The investment's allure increases for the lay investor as money and stocks decrease in value

🇫🇮 Finnish—by Seura

19 April 2021

Gold-based banking | Marko Viinikka

🇫🇮 Finnish—by HS Futucast, on YouTube

3 March 2021

35 visions

🇫🇮 Finnish—by Helsingin Sanomat
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3 March 2021

5 visions on business

🇫🇮 Finnish—by Helsingin Sanomat
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5 September 2020

COVID crisis causes gold fever in market

🇫🇮 Finnish—by Arvopaperi
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7 January 2020

Gold price jumps 20 per cent within year

🇫🇮 Finnish—by Taloussanomat

10 August 2019

Unrest in the markets causes a price rally for gold—expert: the rise will continue

🇸🇪 Swedish—by Hufvudstadsbladet
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30 November 2017

Old cave of Finnish Defence Forces to be turned into storage place for gold

🇫🇮 Finnish—by Aamulehti

Annual Report 2020

Our annual report of 2020 shows strong growth in terms of revenue, Customers and assets under management.

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