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Can I Invest Monthly in Gold?

Yes—and there is every reason to start investing monthly already today.

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Yes—and there is every reason to start investing monthly already today.

Everyone knows that you should buy low and sell high. But in reality, it’s tough to know when to buy and sell. It is difficult to “time” the market.

In general, it certainly makes sense to invest a more substantial sum at once. Still, there are many good reasons for investing monthly instead.

Imagine that you happen to invest a large sum at once—right before the market crashes. While there are reasons to believe that the stock market will recover, this will still be a very stressful experience to most.

By investing monthly, you avoid this ordeal altogether. In fact, you can expect a smoother portfolio growth. Thereby you also reduce the risk of buying at the top only to later having to sell at the bottom.

Then we must not forget that most people don’t have large sums of money, to begin with. Luckily, most can afford to invest a smaller amount every month.

Now I have only discussed some of the reasons for investing monthly in stocks. But the same is also true of investing regularly in gold. The logic of compound interest also works with gold.

Say you invest 100€ in gold every month for the next 20 years. Assuming that the gold price continues to rise as it has done over the past fifty years (on average by 10% per year), then you can make a small fortune worth 72,360€.

Once you have saved up to 100 grams of gold, you can also withdraw it—or keep it safe and secure in Voima’s vault.

How do you start to save monthly in gold? Begin by creating a Voima account. Then simply make it a habit to deposit money regularly. You can then use your funds every month to buy the amount of gold you want. Since you can buy as little as one gram of gold, virtually everyone can afford to buy at least some gold every month.

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