Sam Laakso
May 20, 2019

Our Standards at Voima Gold

Many standards in the gold industry aim to ensure the quality of gold and the trustworthiness of the service provided to clients. Some standards are country-specific, and some are international. At Voima Gold, we respect the internationally highest standards in gold sales, storage, and delivery. In this article, we tell you more about our standards at Voima Gold.

Gold Price in Grams

Traditionally gold has been priced in troy ounces, but in the 21st-century, gold trade in grams has become increasingly common. For example, the largest gold buying country in the world, namely China, is nowadays pricing gold trade primarily in a gram-based system rather than ounces. Grams are often selected due to easier and more clear accounting. Unlike most service providers, the price of gold at Voima is measured in grams, and the smallest unit available for trade is one gram of pure gold. We at Voima Gold are proud to be at the forefront of the revolution, including bringing more sensible standards to gold investors around the world.

Voima 100-gram and One-Kilo Gold Bars

At Voima, all gold is stored and sold in 99,99% pure 100-gram and one-kilo Voima gold bars. The bars are refined at the Metalor refinery in Switzerland from where the bars are transported to Helsinki Finland according to the highest safety standards in the gold industry. Every Voima gold bar meets the same strict quality standards of purity and weight. Because Voima Gold sells and refines its bars, which meet the highest quality standards, it is a highly trusted gold market operator across the world.

Highest Safety Standards in the Gold Industry

Our vault and office are located at the heart of Helsinki at Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki, Finland. The vault was built in 2017 according to the highest safety standards in the world for private vaults. Voima’s vault is also quarterly audited by a Big Four auditing company called PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC to ensure the legitimacy of our clients’ gold holdings. Also, every single gram stored at Voima Gold’s vault is 100% insured by Liberty Mutual.

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Sam Laakso

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